The Organic Palettes

They will help you to increase your own wavelengths. As you complete your colour charts and draw, realities flow in from other worlds and manifest themselves in your vision.

Palette SoulEyes Colors

 This palette is drawn from the invisible colours of your eyes. It reflects the state of your soul, shows the potential colours of your aura or focuses on the chakras.


The Angel Palette

Palette made from the Flowers of Life of the game IUTA-KIMUÉ also created by Neter Osiirê.


Papyrus Palette

The Papyrus Organic Palette is the ideal tool to develop your imagination and write extraordinary stories with the settings and beings that are precisely revealed to your eyes. This palette is suitable for beginners.


Sun Eyes Shupishu Dual Palette

The Sun Eyes Shupishu Double Palette is sold in kit form and is based on the painting in the land of the Shupishus. It is suitable for children.


The Vision Time Dual Palette

Sold as a kit, it is composed of a double palette of vision. This kit helps you get closer to understanding the invisible worlds, by developing your perceptions.


The Sun Eyes de Vérité Palette

The Organic Sun Eyes de Vérité Palette is from the Candy Lemon fragrance. It allows you to know yourself truly and accurately. The Organic Sun Eyes Palette acts as a truth teller.


Monolithe Palette

The monolithic palette is sold as a kit. This palette focuses like a magnifying glass, on a selected area of the original palette to facilitate learning and concentration. Perfect for the beginner.


 Palette Blanche

 The white palette is a canvas on which invisible realities are imprinted.

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 Palette Bleue

The blue palette is a darker canvas on which invisible realities are imprinted.


Coming soon

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