Organic Palettes

Reveal the invisible realities

 Develop your higher vision

 Reveal the invisible realities, develop your higher vision with our Organic Palettes and lift the veil on what separates you from the invisible realities.


Organic Palettes?

The Organic Palettes are a set of living cells that emit waves which, on contact with light, are transformed into colours.


  2 Types of Organic Palettes


There are two types of palettes: Vision Palettes and Realization Palettes.


 Help you to develop the vision of the invisible worlds through drawing. There are 2 types :

–  Monovision Palettes :

are a magnifying glass on the image. They allow you to focus on a particular piece of information. They are ideal for starting vision work.

–  Multivision Palettes :

encompass a greater proportion of the information.


Allows you to create colour charts with a multitude of colours to create infinite designs. There are 2 types:

– The Basic Realization Palettes :

created with materials from the Domaine de la Lumière such as essential oils, roses and works by Neter Osiirê…

– Souleyes Colors Organic Palettes:

come from your eyes to draw and create your own universe.




Organic Palettes Catalog

You will find Palettes sold in Kits or individually with a variety of palettes to complement your colour charts and reveal realities that flow from other worlds. Thus you increase your own wavelengths.

Individuals Palettes

 A variety of palettes to complement your colour charts and attract other realities. Examples of palettes for interior diagnostics and palettes that enrich your wavelengths…


 Vision Kits

The kits consist of a Vision Palette + a Realisation Palette. The kits allow you to work on your vision and increase your wavelengths.


 Booklets and Tutorials Videos

 Discover new teachings in booklets and also video tutorials to teach you how to use your organic palettes and analyse your wavelengths.


 The Book of Life and the Akashic Reading

Your Book of Life gathers your memories in images that you will have to reveal through drawing. You will then be able to write your memories and leave your imprint in the universe.


Quantum Aura Reading

The Quantum Reading of your aura from the video of your thumb. This reading reveals the impact that your environment has directly on you. You will then be able to take the appropriate measures.


 Private or Group Coaching

Offer yourself an individual coaching or a group of 5. An analysis and vision coaching. Online coaching with Neter Osiirê based on your Organic Palette.