The artist neter osiirê - Creator of the Organic Palettes


His encounter with particle art.

 Her futuristic art redefines the codes of the art world.
She alone embodies a new artistic universe that she calls Imué’s art.
Imué’s art is much more than art.
It is a journey of the soul, an invitation to liberate the senses, an exploration of the visible and invisible world. It is the art of self-knowledge in all dimensions starting from the particles of light, from the photon to the wave.
Neter Osiirê has created Ley Art, which is a new art that designates the art that makes one radiate..

The artist-designer started working on light particles, photons, after having made various uncommon experiments that reveal her gift to work with light and especially with the field of particles (diamond particles, rose particles, flowers, essential oils, particles of her own digital photos of her body in which they reveal sacred geometrical shapes).
On 21/12/2012, there was another spiritual experience of unimaginable magnitude that changed her whole life. Since then, she has been using this immense ability to work with particles and thus reveal the secrets they contain and especially help those who wish to reveal their greatest hidden spiritual potential.

All the products created by Neter Osiirê are derived from the images of the particles of Light of her bodies (Bio photon) her own cellular radiations. But also the images of particles are drawn from the diamond, the roses, the Lilies. Yes Incredible but true the field of particles is information and Neter Osiirê has the gift to be able to work with light, to create sublime and extraordinary products such as jewels of protection, tools of meditation, tools of protection, paintings of art resulting from the photons of light, games for the knowledge of oneself, products of fashion, luxury and accessories of wellbeing.

The art of Imué is the haute couture of spiritual tools for self-knowledge and self-awareness through the Art of Particles, the Art of Radiation of Light.

The Organic Palettes were created by Neter Osiirê to develop your higher vision. Thanks to the Organic Palettes, lift the veil on what separates you from invisible realities.

Netser Osiirê lartdimue

The art of Imué , A universal art that defies the limits of time.

“There is the haute couture of clothes and now the haute couture of spiritual tools.” By Neter Osiirê


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